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8 Best Natural Teething Remedies to Help Your Baby Sleep

November 3rd, 2016 | no comments

Seeing your baby in pain is such a stressful part of motherhood, all we want to do is take it away from them. Here’s a recent facebook message from one of our lovely mama’s.

“Hi Kate, firstly I want to thank you for your amazing book and all the great articles on your site. My 7-month-old baby boy was having so much trouble resettling and sleeping through the night but now he only wakes once, which is incredible. My only problem now is I’m wondering how do I help my baby sleep when he’s teething? Teething seems to disrupt his sleep so much and it’s proving really difficult to keep him on his sleep routine.
I would really love your help with this.
Thanks again, Alison and Max

I often find babies and toddlers who are established on my gentle sleep routines seem to adapt quite well to teething, they still wake up through the night but not nearly as often as a little one who is not following some kind of flexible sleep routine. I would start introducing a gentle sleep rhythm early so your baby has time to adjust. In saying this, some babies will still struggle regardless of their routine because the pain is too unsettling and if that’s the case it’s important to be able to go with the flow and be flexible with your routine. A word of warning: I wouldn’t attempt to make any dramatic changes to your baby’s sleep routine when they are teething, it can be such a difficult time for them, any extra change can lead to overwhelm which isn’t helpful for either of you.

Teething is a notorious sleep disrupter but there are a febaby_sleep_teethingw natural teething remedies you can use to help your little one get through this painful right of passage.

Snuggle Up – Give your child lots of extra cuddles, attention and kisses. I know this sounds obvious but when your child is unwell or in pain, although it’s helpful to be consistent with your sleep routine, they really just need as much unlimited access to you as possible. If you’re breastfeeding you may notice your child wanting to feed more frequently, try to follow their lead and feed as often as needed, some of it may be comfort feeding and this is perfectly natural. If you’re not breastfeeding, take the time to snuggle with your little one and hold them close to your heart, let them smell you and find comfort in the closeness, this will have a very similar affect.

amber_teething-beadsBaltic Amber Beads – I sometimes hear mixed reviews about amber beads but I’ve experienced the relief they bring to babies over and over again and I swear by them. Amber contains an anti-inflammatory agent called Succinic Acid, which releases when the beads are warmed by the skin. The Succinic Acid then gets absorbed by the skin, which helps ease the discomfort of teething and reduces the amount of saliva your baby produces. I find it’s the excess saliva that aggravates a teething baby and exacerbates their pain. The trick to amber and the one thing a lot of people don’t realize (which might be why some people report no benefit) is that it works best when it’s ‘recharged’ by leaving it out in the sun every other day. I recommend having 2 amber necklaces or bracelets so you can alternate and recharge them on your windowsill. I also recommend putting them around your child’s ankles with a sock over the top, as oppose to around their neck, for safety reasons.

I love these amber beads from Amber Bebe who have generously offered our mamas a 20% discount on purchases made until 31st December. Just enter the discount code SLEEP20 at the checkout. Please read their safety information below before wearing amber beads*.baby-teething-powder

Homeopathic Remedies – There are a lot of effective homeopathic remedies that contain ingredients like chamomilla. I love Weleda’s Teething Powder and Hylands Teething Tablets or Teething gel I have used them both with huge success.

Calming Chamomile – Chamomile is soothing on little gums (and also little tummies). Make some organic chamomile tea in purified, sterilised water and soak some clean face washers in it (I love these organic bamboo face washers from My Gypsy Child), put the soaked face washers in sterile containers in the fridge or freezer to make them cold and then give them to your baby to suck or chew on.

lemon-1269979_1920Sour Gummies – Lemon toughens little gums, cut a lemon into quarters and supervise your baby while they chew on it. Or alternatively, you can put a few drops directly onto their gums. It’s believed the acidity from the lemon combined with the rind help little ones gently cut through the gum more easily

Ice Ice Baby – Anything cold is soothing for sore gums. Celery and apple are known to be anti-inflammatory, try refrigerating or freezing a few pieces and offer them to your baby to chew on, make sure you’re supervising so they don’t choke. You can also put the cold pieces in a mesh teething feeder to limit the potential of choking on a bigger piece of food. celery-383753_1280

A Modern Tincture – I love this amazing teething tincture from Modern Alternative Mama. I found it after Sophia had finished teething but I’ve recommended it to other mothers who now swear by it.

popsicle-932055_1920Frozen Mama Milk Slushies – If you’re able to express some breast milk you can make it into Mumsicles by pouring some breast milk into a popsicle mould or a baby solids mould. You can either hold the Mumsicle for your little one to gnaw on or you can let it melt a bit, break it up and gently spoon feed it like a slushy!

Sleep Well Mama,


*Safety warning from Amber Bebe:
Children and Jewellery: All jewellery has been made using the highest quality materials, however children should always be SUPERVISED whilst wearing jewellery. Extra special care must be taken with children under the age of 3 as all jewellery has small components which can cause a choking hazard. We recommend that all jewellery be removed prior to sleeping, and other occasions where the child may be left alone.
Is it OK to wear the necklace 24/7 including when asleep? We recommend you take the necklace off whenever your child doesn’t have supervision. If you would like your child to sleep with the necklace on you can wrap it around their ankle and place under socks or growsuit.

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