Are you ready to eliminate your baby sleep struggles for good?

Hello beautiful Mama, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Kate Turner, founder of Sleep Like An Angel – the gentle baby sleep site. I’m a holistic baby sleep consultant, mother to my gorgeous little girl, Sophia, and wife to my amazing musician husband, Ash. I work with Mothers just like you every day helping them help their babies to sleep soundly and peacefully using the most gentle and loving techniques. I know you’ve been struggling and desperately wanting to improve your baby’s sleep. I also know you feel exhausted and tangled up in ‘foggy mama brain’ from sleep deprivation, but with my help that’s all about to change.

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I want you to know that your baby can sleep through the night from around four months simply, easily, gently and with very little fuss. Not only can they sleep through the night, but they want to and they need to and I’m going to show you how.

Don’t worry, Sleep Like An Angel does not involve any ‘tough-love cry-it-out’ settling methods or controlled crying. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Sleep Like An Angel is a gentle but very powerful integrative sleep system for babies and toddlers.

Are you feeling alone?

I know you’ve probably felt alone with your baby’s sleep struggles and at times even helpless, but I’m here for you and I’m going to help you sort through these sleep issues once and for all – in the gentlest way possible, so that you can access the confident, energized and empowered mother who is hiding behind those very tired eyes.

Being a new mum is one of the most exhilarating and emotional experiences in any woman’s life. Not only have you just given birth to this most perfect little creature but you are now in a position where you are solely responsible for her safety and wellbeing. Your heart is wide open and you feel vulnerable because not only has a baby just been born into the world; a mother has too… you!

I completely understand what it feels like:

  • To be so tired, you can barely remember your own name;
  • To feel guilty about every little parenting decision you have to make;
  • To feel confused from sleep deprivation;
  • To put your baby down to sleep after a midnight feed, wanting to sleep yourself, but feeling so anxious because you know she could wake up at any moment;
  • To worry that you’re being selfish for wanting some time to yourself – to sleep;
  • To feel bad about wanting some control and predictability back in your life, and
  • To worry that you won’t bond with your baby if you don’t nurse her to sleep and hold her all day.

It’s enough to bring a grown woman to her knees.

Christina Jackson

Kate how can I thank you for changing our lives, I had no idea how easy it could be to make such massive improvements to my son's sleep, so quickly, I still don’t understand how you make it work but you are a miracle.

Christina Jackson, 32 (Mama to Alexander, 12 months) Stockholm, Sweden

I understand you, my life was turned upside down by sleep deprivation too

That’s why I developed Sleep Like An Angel. I have walked in your sleep-deprived slippers. I have been pulled apart by the torturous effects of sleep deprivation; exhausted and confused, wanting to give my baby my very best, but just not having the energy and then feeling guilty because I’m not being the empowered mum I planned on being.

I know you want the very best for your sweetheart and, believe me when I tell you, you can give her the very best AND get some sleep, too! It’s time, gorgeous Mama to get some rhythm and predictability back into your day. To grab hold of the reins and be the empowered Mama you were born to be. And I’m going to show you how.

newborn-sleep-problemsSleep Like An Angel is the first gentle infant sleep system that customises a sleeping plan to your style of parenting. It’s not about imposing strict sleep training on your family; it’s about discovering the style of parenting that suits you and your baby and initiating a gentle integrative sleep program that works for you and your whole family.

Sleep Like An Angel is a three-tier system with three main approaches to ensure gentle baby sleep. It’s up to you to decide which approach feels right for your baby and family:

1) Cherub sleep,
2) Angel sleep, or
3) Archangel sleep

CHERUB SLEEP is for babies under four months and also for Mamas who are practising attachment parenting and just need to make small, simple adjustments to help their babies sleep longer whilst following most of the attachment parenting principles.

ANGEL SLEEP is for Mamas who just want a little more rhythm to their day. They want a routine that is flexible so they can still go out when they want to.

ARCHANGEL SLEEP is for Mamas who want fixed sleep and feed times, to know exactly when Baby will sleep and for how long; or for Mamas desperately needing rest and Mamas who are about to return to work. This package guarantees baby sleeping from 7pm-6am after four months of age (many babies will even sleep until 7am). Even though it is very structured, most mums report experiencing much more freedom because they know exactly when baby will sleep and are able to plan their days around these times.

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Join thousands of mama's all over the world and get weekly baby sleep support delivered directly to your inbox.

Get access to the entire library of baby sleep resources along with a FREE copy of my eBook -
8 Baby Sleep Mistakes That Are Keeping You Up At Night And How To Fix Them Right Now.

What to do next

There are several options available to you on this site, depending on your needs and budget. I recommend first starting with my e-book Sleep Like An Angel – Sleep Secrets of the Mindful Mama and the Blissful Baby. Here you will find everything you need to guide your sweet angel’s sleep using the most gentle, respectful and loving techniques, it also includes sleep and feed time guides AND over $140 worth of additional bonuses.

I have also included lots of free resources, articles and videos that you can check out and share with your Mama friends.

If you want more customised help, book in for a one-on-one session with me and I can make you a tailor-made sleep plan to guide your little one to sleep soundly. Click here to view the different packages.

One of the things that makes Sleep Like An Angel so unique is that I’m also a qualified energy healing practitioner. I place huge importance on the Mother/Child bond physically, emotionally and energetically and I have lots of secret tools and techniques to help you strengthen this bond, so that your little one feels safe and secure, which of course, amongst the benefits promotes peace-filled sleep.

So, if you’re a spiritually-minded Mama, you will also find meditations to help you find your centre again and I will share with you some of these special techniques to energetically care for your baby.

Sally Larsen

I cannot believe how fast things changed for us when we started Sleep Like An Angel, I was so desperate to help Charlie sleep and I was willing to try anything. In hindsight I’m so glad we found you first, after stories I’ve heard from friends we completely lucked out.

Sally Larsen, 27 (Mama to Charlie, 7 months) QLD, Australia

My baby sleep challenge

Sleep Like An Angel was born out of my own struggles as a new mum. I completely understand the irrational emotions that come with motherhood, the anger, frustration, exhaustion and even the grief. I know what it feels like to be on the verge of tears every day with the raging hormones and the sleep deprivation.

sophia-newborn1When I had my daughter, Sophia in 2012 I had it all planned out, I envisioned myself having a beautiful water birth and bonding with her as breast-milk poured forth in abundance. I read dozens of books, did lots of courses and prepared myself for the most magnificent earth mother experience. I was going to practise attachment parenting, co-sleeping and kangaroo carrying. But, unfortunately, as you know, life doesn’t always go according to plan.

The reality was that the week before my baby was born, my grandmother died and I was shattered. Days later I went into labour, but my daughter was taking a very long time to arrive and as I stared out at the birth centre, I watched nervously as the birthing pool slowly drained of water. My midwife then told me that my daughter’s heart rate was accelerating and she wanted me in hospital.

After 30 hours of labour and an emergency forceps delivery, I was bloated from the drugs, shaking from the trauma and in pain from the delivery. My beautiful angel was there, but I was so exhausted I couldn’t even enjoy her. We took her home on day 4 and nothing could prepare me for the agony of an entire night of my sweet angel screaming for eight hours straight, she just wouldn’t sleep.

Then the next shock hit. Days after her birth, as my milk slowly came in, my father passed away. I felt my whole world being torn apart and with it my milk stopped coming in. Not only was I exhausted and in shock, but I couldn’t even feed my little girl. It felt like a nightmare and I was barely coping. My dreams of bonding with my daughter were quickly fading and I felt confused and depressed.

Having to feed my daughter formula had not been in my nine-page birth plan! I could tell this was a process of letting go and surrendering and so I mixed fed her formula and little bits of breast milk as the lactation specialists tried to help me establish my milk with medication.

Over the coming weeks, I was desperately expressing milk, trying unsuccessfully to help my daughter latch, having skin-to-skin contact, washing and sterilising bottles and nipple shields and living on the edge of a nervous break down!

When Sophia would finally latch and feed on the breast she would fall asleep after two minutes and then sleep for 10 or 20 minutes at a time and then wake screaming and hungry. This went on around the clock for two months and no matter what we did, she just would not sleep for longer than 45 minutes at the very most.


I was exhausted and not coping and I knew I needed to get her into some sort of sleep routine. I needed to feel like I had some control over the situation, even just a tiny bit, because I felt completely out of control. I searched high and low for a baby sleep routine that suited my style of parenting, but all I could find were so called “gentle” baby sleep systems that were harsh and left both Sophia and I crying ourselves to sleep (not a pretty sight)! The alternative to the ‘not so gentle’ sleep systems, were the ‘seriously gentle’ sleep systems that were so gentle they didn’t actually work. I even came across books with baby and parenting experts telling me that my whole life now revolved around my baby and if she wasn’t sleeping then neither was I – that was my job now as mother. In other words “Deal With It”.

Needless to say I was fed-up with baby sleep “solutions” that didn’t solve anything. So with seven years experience as a nanny and four years as an Early Childhood Carer, I pooled all of my resources together, did extensive baby sleep research and developed my own gentle sleep system… that actually worked. I researched the natural sleep rhythms of babies, spoke to paediatricians and baby health nurses and began to experiment on my daughter and I found some fabulous simple ways to get her to sleep soundly… and stay soundly asleep.


sophia-newborn2Within a couple of weeks Sophia’s sleeping had improved so much that by four months she was sleeping soundly from 7pm until 6 or 6.30am and having 2 x 90 minute naps during the day. I was slowly coming back to myself; my anxiety was dissipating and I began to feel like I was in control again. For the first time in four months, I could actually think clearly and have a normal conversation with other mothers. Most importantly, I began to feel like a confident mother, I certainly didn’t have it all together but life was starting to make sense again… and then something interesting started to happen.

One day my friend Renee came over for dinner. Her daughter was ten-months-old and not sleeping well. I was so excited and proud to tell her about Sophia’s routine but felt a little disappointed when she dismissed it; like it wasn’t possible. You see, Renee had decided that babies were supposed to keep us up at night. That night I bathed Sophia and read both of the girls a story and then I excused myself and left Renee and her daughter while I put Sophia into bed in our little co-sleeping side cart. I returned less than five minutes later to Renee, whose eyes and mouth were wide open in shock “She’s not asleep, is she?” she asked in disbelief. “Umm, yes,” I replied “Sometimes she chats to herself for a few minutes and then sleeps” I added, for some reason feeling a little guilty that my daughter was already asleep. Renee could not believe that my daughter would stay asleep but during the evening while she anxiously tried to eat her own meal and settle her daughter who was crying and fussing and overtired, Sophia slept soundly, until 6.30am.

Renee wasn’t the only one who was surprised. I had other friends who couldn’t believe it. Friends with and without children constantly commented on Sophia’s sleeping and when I explained to them that it was because of some small adjustments I had made to Sophia’s sleep and feed times and her environment they marvelled at how simple it seemed.


Then the phone calls and emails began and I was inundated with friends and friends of friends wanting baby sleep advice. I was constantly being asked questions like:

  • Why won’t my baby sleep through the night?
  • How do I get my baby to sleep without feeding her all through the night?
  • Why does my baby wake up so early in the morning? My baby’s not sleeping at night, how can I help her stay asleep?
  • Tell me about newborn sleep patterns?
  • Do I need a baby feeding routine to help her sleep?
  • I’m so exhausted, I can’t cope. I need a way to get my baby to sleep, but I don’t want her  to cry it out.
  • My baby will scream from 6pm until 11pm every night, how do I help her sleep?
  • My baby wakes up every two hours to feed, how do I break this habit?
  • Why does my four-month-old baby wake up so early all of a sudden when she used to  sleep really well?

The list was endless. I began by troubleshooting and answering their baby sleep questions until one of my friends said she wanted me to make a sleep plan specifically for her little boy. She promised she would follow it to the letter if I told her exactly what to do and when to do it, to help her little guy sleep most of the night. She followed her sleep plan and within four days her little man was sleeping most of the night, with only a 10pm dreamfeed.

Word continued to spread and people really loved my methods. They loved how simple my advice was, it was straight to the point, fast and super-practical. I think what many of them found really interesting was that I was able to incorporate a structured feeding and sleeping routine with Sophia sleeping in a little co-sleeper side cart attached to our bed. She slept beautifully and I felt like I had found a way to incorporate my own style as a mother into our routine, I had found the best of both worlds and I knew I was onto something very special. Whether sleeping in a cot or the family bed, successful baby sleep is about finding Mama’s unique style and adapting that to Baby’s routine.

Annabelle Gilles

I tell everyone I meet about my angel Kate Turner and Sleep Like an Angel, sometimes I feel a bit over the top but I don’t care, these books have changed everything for us. I can finally sleep properly and my daughter’s happier than ever. I can't believe that all her crankiness and whining was just overtiredness.

Annabelle Gilles, 29 (Mama to Milla, 17 months) Toronto, Canada

What makes Sleep Like An Angel unique is that I don’t advocate one particular method or technique, rather I incorporate multiple infant sleep and settling techniques that accommodate your unique style and your baby’s unique personality. This means that attachment Mamas who co-sleep can use it and see instant results. Mamas who just need a little more structure can use it to start a flexible routine and Mamas looking to feel in control who want to know exactly what’s coming next can start a structured sleep and feeding routine from four months.

Just to reassure you, the most popular Sleep Like An Angel method for settling baby is a hands-on approach, where Mum (or Dad) remain in with Baby and offer verbal and physical reassurance, which supports the secure attachment between mother/father and child.

baby-sleep-consultant-2Most Mamas who use my techniques see results within three days and often see Baby starting to sleep through the night by Day 6. You can follow the program as quickly or as gradually as you wish and you can integrate some of my techniques or my entire plan, the choice is completely up to you and I can be there to personally help you along the way.

When your baby is well-rested and getting plenty of sleep she is happier, playful, more alert, energetic, curious and bonds more easily … and so do you! You deserve to feel this confident and I will help you every step of the way.

Enjoy, gorgeous Mama



What to do next?

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Get access to the entire library of baby sleep resources along with a FREE copy of my eBook -
8 Baby Sleep Mistakes That Are Keeping You Up At Night And How To Fix Them Right Now.

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