Faq’s – The biggest concerns I hear from Mama’s just like you

Firstly, I’m so excited that you’re here. Sleep Like An Angel is going to change your life.

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I start working with babies from birth and I recommend three different levels of sleep guidance. Cherub Sleep is for newborn babies up until four months to help baby establish positive sleep habits. From four months onwards your sweet angel can start my higher levels of sleep guidance, Angel Sleep and Archangel Sleep, where we begin to consolidate day and night-time sleeps, according to your baby’s needs. It is only from four months that I would recommend a structured routine that will help your baby sleep from 7pm-6am or 7am. This is to be sure that breastfeeding has been fully established. If for any reason you are unable to breastfeed or choose not to, we can start the Angel Sleep and Archangel Sleep training earlier.

No. I will never ask you to leave your baby to cry alone by herself without your reassurance. I strongly believe that letting a baby scream alone in her cot/bed can interfere with the natural bonding process because it releases stress hormones and undermines baby’s confidence and sense of safety. I believe encouraging a healthy and secure bond between mother and child (and father and child) is the most important pillar of a healthy, happy child and, therefore, a peaceful world.

No. I cannot guarantee there will be no crying at all because you have a baby! Crying is a really normal way that a baby protests and adjusts to change. Babies often cry because they cannot talk and they need to find a way to communicate and gain your attention in a way that you simply cannot ignore. It’s the perfect system. I have found that with my holistic sleep guidance methods crying is minimal and very normal with no adverse effects and most babies cry much less than they did before they had a routine because now you know exactly what they need before they even need to cry for it. Nice huh?

Just like you, I hate it when my baby cries. I’ve gotten much better with it but it used to make me feel uncomfortable and like I had to fix something immediately. I then reminded myself, there is a natural link between a mother and her child that won’t allow her to ignore her child and I remembered that when I worked with other people’s babies I didn’t feel as unsettled when they were crying, I was often calm and felt in control, because I knew this was their only way to communicate with me and tell me they had a need or tell me they were adjusting to change.

I think of a ‘gentle cry’ as more of a protest to change and although some babies don’t cry when their sleeping habits are changing, many do and I know I can comfort them. Of course I would never leave a baby crying in distress and I would never ask you to ignore your babies cries. I explain more about baby’s cries and how to interpret them in my book Sleep Like An Angel.

You can co-sleep and follow my routines. As attachment parenting icon, Dr William Sears says the best place for your baby to sleep is where everyone gets the best sleep. It is not healthy for a baby to sleep somewhere they will be constantly woken up by other people, but if your family bed is safe and peaceful and your baby and other family members sleep well there, then this is the perfect option for you.

I am first and foremost, a mum just like you. I have spent years researching baby sleep and feeding patterns and Sleep Like An Angel is simply the blueprint of what I did to help my own daughter sleep through the night. It was not my originally my intention but this work has since helped hundred of other babies and families get more sleep.

Apart from being a baby sleep consultant, I have worked for seven years as a Nanny and 4 years as an Early Childhood Carer in several early childhood centres.

I want to be very clear I am not a baby health nurse or paediatrician, very few baby sleep consultants are but Sleep Like An Angel is gentle and it works and that usually satisfies most parents.

How each Mama chooses to feed her baby is her business and I encourage you to feed your baby the way you choose to for as long as you choose to. I offer 3 different routines and for the 2nd and 3rd routine to work effectively I recommend babies start solids at 5 months for many various reasons which I expand upon in my eBooks. To reassure you, all solids are only offered after baby has received sufficient milk first until the age of one.

I love the idea of feeding on demand and certainly within the first few weeks and even months of baby’s life this is very important, but after four months, as your baby’s sleep patterns start to change, it will be difficult to feed on demand and follow a routine. Instead, if you want to continue feeding on demand I would look at sticking to the Cherub Sleep section of my eBook, which has been designed for new babies and attachment families. Please understand this will improve your baby’s sleep, but will not help her sleep all night in the same way a child following my Feed and Sleep times will.

At around four months old babies sleep patterns begin to change quite dramatically and babies who previously slept for hours at a time will now start waking up after about 40 minutes and/or 80 minutes. This means they will wake you up and want you to help them fall asleep again. In my eBooks, I will show you how you can simply and gently change these patterns using my sleep and feeding routines for your baby’s age. Please note it will not be as effective if you don’t want to help baby settle into a routine.

The truth is, you don’t need a routine. If you are happy with the way your sweetheart is sleeping (and waking) and you think you can manage it long term, then just keep doing what you are doing. But, I’m guessing because you have found my site you’re ready for a change in your baby’s sleep habits. Babies need love, structure, rhythm and LOTS of sleep. Sleep deprivation is a really big problem and can affect parents and babies alike, causing brain fog, depression and delayed development. At some point you will need to teach your baby how to sleep and settle, the longer you leave it, the harder that change will be for your baby. I truly believe that teaching your baby how to sleep and settle is one of your first and most important jobs as a parent.

Babies need A LOT of sleep. Because each baby is unique their sleep needs will vary slightly, but as a general rule, from four months most babies require between 11-12 hours sleep at night and between 2-5 hours of daytime naps.

It is often more difficult to get your baby into a regular napping routine but in my eBook I make it nice and easy for you. If you follow my Sleep and Feed routine times and gently stretch baby’s sleep out, your little one will be napping like a champion within about a week. The key is consistency and routine. If you don’t have your baby on a routine and would prefer to wait for baby’s sleepy cues, it will be more challenging. I suggest slowly moving to my flexible routine Angel Sleep, which requires some initial structure, which loosens over time.

Although I believe that babies operate and bond better when they have rhythm and routine to their day and they tend to feel safer when life is predictable, if this doesn’t suit your temperament and your family’s style, you can follow my first tier of baby sleep guidance. Cherub sleep is for babies under four months and also for Mamas who are practising attachment parenting and just want to make small simple adjustments to help their babies sleep longer while following most of the attachment parenting principles. With Cherub Sleep, I cannot guarantee a full night’s sleep without any waking, but you will see an improvement in your baby’s sleep.

Sometimes pacifiers can impede or disrupt infant sleep, but if you have come to rely on one and prefer to use it, we can make adjustments to accommodate it.

Firstly, it depends on your child’s age. Under four-months-old, babies sleep is determined by her feeding requirements and this must be your first priority. If after four months you follow my Archangel Sleep system to the letter, I can guarantee your baby will be working her way up to 7pm till 7am before you know it. I can guarantee that within two weeks she will be getting at least 11 hours sleep a night with minimal, if any, waking. If you’re really serious about getting your baby to sleep through the night you will need to implement the Archangel Sleep system methodically. By eight months 99% of Sleep Like an Angel babies following the Archangel Sleep system are sleeping from 7am until 7pm. I understand that sleep is definitely a priority for you. Some mothers simply want to see an improvement and don’t need baby to sleep all night but many mothers do and I give you both options using truly gentle techniques.

I include three main tiers of baby sleep and if you are wanting to feel more in control and confident that your sweetheart is going to sleep from 7pm until 7am, my Archangel Sleep guidance system will be perfect for you. Archangel Sleep is for Mamas who really want or need fixed sleep and feed times and to know exactly when baby will sleep and for how long. This is for mums who are desperately needing rest, who are perhaps returning to work or particularly struggling with sleep deprivation. Archangel Sleep guarantees baby sleeping from 7pm-6am after four months of age (many babies will even sleep until 7am). Even though it feels highly structured, most mums report feeling much more freedom because they know exactly when baby will sleep and are free to plan their days around these times.

I get it. You want some flexibility while still trusting that your baby will naturally begin to sleep longer with more predictability. In that case, following my Angel Sleep method is perfect for you. It is for Mamas who just want a little more rhythm to their day. They want a routine that is flexible so their baby will sleep well at home some days but they can still go out when they want to. To get the most out of this package, I often recommend Mamas try Archangel sleep first for a few weeks and when they feel confident, they can start playing with the routines a bit more.

I have to say that although I love baby-led parenting, it presents a challenge for simple sleep time. When your baby gets tired, you have a very small window of opportunity to get her to sleep. If you miss this window, she will get overtired and it can be virtually impossible to get her to sleep without extensive rocking and nursing. It’s really important here to manage your expectations. A baby who sleeps only when you catch her tired signs has a much harder time falling asleep than a baby on a flexible, but structured routine. This is because by the time baby shows you her sleepy signs, it is often too late, she is already over-tired. I have some ideas in my eBook that will help you but remember it is tricky. With an actual routine, you know when your baby is tired before she actually shows you any signs.

I’m constantly receiving emails from desperate Mamas saying “Help! My baby won’t sleep” and “When will my baby sleep through the night?”

The good news is, I can help you guide your baby to sleep effectively and lovingly with some gentle structured changes. After your baby is four months, if you follow my Angel Sleep and Archangel Sleep routines, laid out simply in my eBooks, your baby will be sleeping like an angel in no time.

If you need more personalised help you can book in for a private customised one-on-one holistic sleep consultation and I will work directly with you to get your gorgeous angel sleeping. We can troubleshoot all potential sleep problems as, and even better BEFORE they arise and I will be with you every step of the way.

There are two main camps when it comes to baby sleep. One involves co-sleeping and feeding on demand and the other ‘crying-it-out’ and sleeping in baby’s own room. I used to be a co-sleeping, attachment parenting advocate, but as I have come to terms with the reality of parenting, you need to do whatever works for you, your child, family and your lifestyle. There really aren’t sides to take but rather finding your preference as a parent. Sleep Like An Angel, works with you wherever you’re at, without judgment.

I believe that each family is different and every baby has unique sleep requirements. I pride myself on creating a customised sleep experience that empowers parents.

I like to use a variety of different methods and techniques depending on your style of parenting and your baby’s personality. I will never ask you to use a technique that you feel uncomfortable with.

I often get asked, “Do you leave Baby in a room by herself to fall asleep?” There are several approaches depending on how comfortable you feel. For some parents who are contacting me in desperation, that might be an option, as long as baby is not in any distress. For other families my more gentle techniques are much more popular. With my more gentle methods, Mum and/or Dad stay in the room with Baby until she falls asleep, offering her verbal and physical reassurance and love, without actually putting her to sleep, instead giving her the opportunity to put herself to sleep. I have found my gentle methods are extremely effective and efficient and they support, perpetuate and encourage a secure attachment between mother and child.

The other major factor that makes me unique is that for parents who are open and interested in the emotional and mental aspect of holistic infant sleep I also offer energetic healing techniques. These healing techniques can help your baby with everything from sleep and settling to attachment and bonding. I practise energy healing with Mum and Dad to help with depression, negative birth experiences, relationships and lots more.

Sleep Like An Angel uses gentle sleep guidance strategies to help your baby sleep for longer periods of time. I, too, have tried very gentle methods to find that they don’t work and so I know how frustrating it can be. With Sleep Like An Angel I will take you through several different approaches so you can decide what will work for you and your baby and implement accordingly. If you find your child needs more structure, then you just need to implement more of the structured methods described in the eBook. I believe there should be a place for every mother to teach her baby to sleep in the way that works for her and her entire family and so I have included many different options to try.

I don’t ascribe to one particular parenting philosophy but rather see the value of merging lots of different styles of parenting that suit me. There is not one pre-existing style of parenting or parenting philosophy that encapsulates the way I like to parent 100%, which is fine with me. I am happy to have so many wonderful parenting educators and so many options and ideas to choose from, they help me create a melting pot that has become my own style. However if I was going to choose a particular philosophy that I resonate with, I would have to say that most of the ideas, concepts and principles of RIE parenting appeal to me. I have often intuitively parented this way and I have also learnt some great parenting tools and strategies from the work of Madga Gerber and Janet Lansbury. Ultimately my own parenting philosophy is: babies, toddlers and children are real human beings with real emotions and needs and they deserve to be respected, cherished and loved.

Yes. I can speak to your mothers group or playgroup. Please get in touch with my team for more information.

I am based in Australia, but I work internationally, in fact I have clients worldwide, including USA, Canada, Sweden, China, Australia, Indonesia, the UK and other countries. Most of my private sessions are held over Skype, via email or over the phone and my eBooks can be downloaded instantly online.