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Baby Sleep Resources

Below are all the resources you’ll receive when you join our community

Bedtime Routine Improves Sleep in Infants & Toddlers (research article)

Six Little Secrets to Baby Sleep

Kids Who Sleep More May Eat Less (research article)

Tots Who Sleep Less Have More Behavior Problems (research article)

Connections In Children’s Brains Strengthen (research article)

Nighttime Sleep Found Beneficial To Infant’s Skills (research article)

From Learning in Infancy to Planning Ahead in Adulthood: Sleeps Vital Role for Memory

Daytime Naps Enhance Learning in Preschool Children (research article)

Relationship Found Between Napping, Hyperactivity, Depression & Anxiety (research article)

Naps Help Babies Learn & Retain New Information (research article)

SIDS Safe Sleeping Guide

Baby’s Sleep Requirements

How To Help Baby Adjust To Daylight Savings

8 Tips for Traveling With Infants

10 Tips For Peaceful Baby Sleep

For Children Poor Sleep Can Lead to Emotional & Behavioral Problems (research article)


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