Kate how can I thank you for changing our lives, I had no idea how easy it could be to make such massive improvements to my son’s sleep, so quickly, I still don’t understand how you make it work but you are a miracle.

Christina Jackson, 32 (Mama to Alexander, 12 months) Stockholm, Sweden

I cannot believe how fast things changed for us when we started Sleep Like An Angel, I was so desperate to help Charlie sleep and I was willing to try anything. In hindsight I’m so glad we found you first, after stories I’ve heard from friends we completely lucked out.

Sally Larsen, 27 (Mama to Charlie, 7 months) QLD, Australia

I tell everyone I meet about my angel Kate Turner and Sleep Like an Angel, sometimes I feel a bit over the top but I don’t care, these books have changed everything for us. I can finally sleep properly and my daughter’s happier than ever. I can’t believe that all her crankiness and whining was just overtiredness.

Annabelle Gilles, 29 (Mama to Milla, 17 months) Toronto, Canada

So many people make the excuse that their baby is grizzly because of teething or they seem to have a fever but I now know that is a load of rubbish (obviously sometimes they do) but I am so amazed to know first hand that it’s mostly because they are just tired and need more sleep.

Rebecca Scott, 42 (Mama to Matilda, 4 months and Flora, 2 years) NSW, Australia

We feel like a brand new family because of Sleep Like an Angel. At first I was sceptical about following a sleep plan, it felt unnatural and I thought I was supposed to figure it all out myself but you showed me a whole other perspective that worked for our little family. I was going to use your gentlest methods for attachment parents because I deeply care about the bonding process with Michaela but after reading the whole book I decided to try the full routine. It took just over a week and I couldn’t believe the difference in Michaela’s sleep patterns, I almost feel guilty I have so much time on my hands! Thank you so much Kate

Andrea Sands, 36 (Mama to Michaela, 8 months) NY, USA

After 4 months of your gentle sleep guidance, I could put Leo into bed, read him a story, kiss him goodnight, stroke his head for a minute and leave the room. I’ll never forget the day he looked up and smiled before I left the room, then actually went to sleep for the rest of the night!

Renee Leopold, 34 (Mama to Leo, 5 months) Texas, USA

No more night waking, you’re a genius, I can’t believe it. I was a bit half hearted when I first tried the techniques, I wasn’t really sure if they’d work, so I was very ‘loose’ with it but a friend told me if I wanted to see results I needed to put all of myself into it and we got there, no more night time waking up and the rest of the family is actually sleeping too.

Kathy Peterson, 36 (Mama to Jaden, 3 months and Esther 2 ½ years) NSW, Australia