Sleep Like an Angel – Angel Rock


Baby Sleep Music – Sounds to help your child sleep through the night


Sleep Like An Angel – Angel Rock, has three MP3 tracks filled with beautiful baby sleep music that my musician husband Ash composed. Each song is simple, gentle and repetitive with 70-90 beats per minute (to simulate mama’s heart beat in the womb).

With each track I have used energy healing techniques to infuse the sound with purifying energy and the specific intention to calm, soothe and help your child sleep soundly. Some mamas play these tracks on repeat all night. I play them on repeat for Sophia during her daytime nap and at night I turn it on initially to help her fall asleep and then I turn it off when we go to bed.

On the track, “Angel Rock”, I call on the names of all of the archangels to fill your child’s room with love.

On “Sweet Angel”, I use sound healing and sing ambient sounds to clear the room of stuck energy while your child sleeps.

On “I Am Loved”, I gently sing affirmations and virtues into your child’s room as she sleeps to help build positive self-esteem and self-talk from the onset. Some of my mamas love the story behind these tracks and others aren’t interested in the ‘spiritual’ aspect of them, they just love that they work!

“The Journal of Music Therapy” recommends the use of gentle, soothing music during nap and sleep times because it lowers stress and anxiety and calms the central nervous system. It also boosts brain function and helps develop neural pathways which help babies and toddlers recognise patterns, sequences and even language.


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