Email Packages

Email Packages

I know how busy you are and how challenging life with children can be. Sometimes its just easier to get guidance at times that suit you and it may not always be convenient for you to schedule an actual appointment time, so I have created some packages that are all facilitated via email. This means that I email you your customised sleep plan based on your answers to my sleep questionnaire, you make a start and try to settle your baby and depending on the package you purchase you can get email access to me and have your follow up questions answered.

* Please note you are not charged for simple emails to clarify instructions or short answers.

Emails are responded to between 1-24 hours depending on time zones. Once you purchase your personalised sleep consultation, you will be emailed an extensive baby sleep questionnaire. In this questionnaire I will ask you for lots of information about your babies sleep habits, sleep environment and family. When you return the form, we will organise a time for your consultation. If you have purchased an email consultation you will receive your customised sleep plan within 48 hours.

Its time to strengthen your bond with your baby and re-ignite your connection with your partner today. Mama there is no point spending one more night without sleep, buy your personalised sleep consultation here and start improving your babies sleep today.

Remember, if you want to try it yourself first, you can purchase my e-books here. I have listed all the sleep and feed times and detailed all of the settling techniques and methods.